Primary Industrial Stormwater Web Page.
This web page should contain summary information about your state’s industrial stormwater program.

General Permit Application (NOI).
Most industrial facilities have permit coverage under a statewide general permit that covers stormwater discharges from industrial facilities within the state. To obtain coverage under a statewide permit, you must submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) to your state agency (or EPA Regional office if you are in an unauthorized state). (Important note: Check below to see if there are any additional resources. If so you may find links to special application forms for your industrial sector.)

No Exposure Certification.
In lieu of submitting a permit application, if you qualify, use this form to provide your state agency (or EPA Regional office) written notification that your facility meets the definition of no exposure.

General Permits.
EPA Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP)

Follow this link to find someone in your state who can answer your questions about the stormwater permitting process.

Primary Water Authority.
The primary water agency, division, bureau or program in Idaho is: DEQ Water Quality program.

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