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Primary State Environmental Agency: Department of the Environment

Maryland E-Waste Laws

  • Name of Law: HB 575/488: Statewide Electronics Recycling Program
  • Legislative Summary: HB 575 established a county-by-county collection system, with the manufacturer being responsible for funding the program or creating their own plans. This law was updated with a new measure (HB 488) signed in 2007. It expands the scopes of products to include TVs and other display devices. Source: Californians Against Waste.
  • Applicable to Businesses: Uncertain
  • Covered Devices: Desktop computers, personal computers, laptops and now TVs

E-Waste Information Pages

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More Information

  • On site Hard Drive Destruction- The Only Safe Guarantee. Article discussing procedures and processes used for data and equipment handling, security, destruction, de-manufacture quality assurance, and documentation.
  • Registered Electronic Manufacturers
  • Donating Old Computers and Electronic Products (Maryland)
  • EPA eCycling Home Page
  • Plug-In To eCycling with US EPA is a partnership between EPA and consumer electronics manufacturers, retailers, and service providers that offers you more opportunities to donate or recycle your used electronics.
  • The Electronics Takeback Coalition. This site will show you which states have e-waste recycling programs and laws and has links to them all. Included in the site is a great summary of which states collect the most e-waste in pounds per capita.
  • National Electronics Recycling Infrastructure Clearinghouse. The National Electronics Recycling Infrastructure Clearinghouse (NERIC) was begun in early 2006 to conduct research and education on electronics recycling systems.
  • Donating Old Computers and Electronic Products
  • U.S. EPA CRT Rule (Hazardous Waste Management System; Modification of the Hazardous Waste Program; Cathode Ray Tubes, 40 CFR Parts 9, 260, 261, and 271).
  • Earth911 includes an e-waste and recycling section.
  • Universal Waste State Resource Locator. Links to your specific state‚Äôs resources on Universal Waste Regulations.
  • Sony Road to Zero. Sony, an EPA Plug-In To eCycling Partner, has teamed up with Waste Management, Inc. to offer their customers the opportunity to recycle their used Sony electronics for free. Other brands of TVs can also be recycled at selected Waste Management locations for a fee.
  • National Recycling Coalition. With an easy to navigate hyperlinked map, this page provides links to state recycling resources. Many local communities have special collection/recycling days that are highlighted on their Web sites.

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