Hazardous Waste


Comparison of State and Federal Hazardous Waste Rules

General Summary (find a description of Federal Rules here).

1. Do I need an EPA ID number to handle hazardous wastes in Wyoming?

Main Hazardous Waste Page: State Hazardous Waste Management Information

2. How do I determine my generator status?

3. How can I tell if the waste materials I handle are considered hazardous wastes?

4. How long can I store hazardous wastes on site?

5. Who can transport and receive the wastes I ship off site?

6. What records do I have to keep?

7. Do I have to file reports?

8. What training requirements do I have to meet?

9. What differences between states may exist with regard to use of the the new standardized manifest form?

    As of September 5, 2006, the new standardized manifest form (EPA Form 8700-22) and its continuation sheet (EPA Form 8700-22A) must be used in every state to track hazardous waste shipments. There will be no state variations of the new federal form and states may not require information to be included on the form that is in addition to that required by federal rules. That said, some differences between states may exist with regard to use of the form. For Wyoming these differences include:

    Additional Wastes: None.

    Exemptions: None.

    Distribution: None.

    Reporting: None.

    Recordkeeping: None.

    Other Notes, Comments:: None.

10. What are some other differences between federal and state rules?

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