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This state resource locator contains information on the beneficial use of industrial byproducts for the state of Minnesota. Also included are EPA and private industry resources.

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Minnesota Resources

  • Construction and Demolition State Waste Resource Locator. Use this tool to locate regulatory information and other compliance assistance and P2 resources.
  • Beneficial Use of Solid Waste Rule (Minnesota Rule 7035.2860)
  • Solid Waste Utilization ? Standing Beneficial Use Determinations A standing beneficial use determination means that the generator or end user of a material can do so in accordance with applicable rules without contacting the agency. Materials covered include: unadulterated wood, wood chips, bark, or sawdust, unadulterated newspaper and newsprint, uncontaminated glass, unusable latex paints, reclaimed glass and porcelain, crumb rubber, tire shreds/chips, uncontaminated recognizable concrete, recycled concrete and concrete products, and brick, salvaged bituminous, coal combustion slag, coal combustion fly ash or coal combustion gas scrubbing by-products, foundry sand, uncontaminated by-product limes, and shingle scrap.
  • Case Specific Beneficial Use Determinations (CSBUD)
  • ASTSWMO 2006 Beneficial Use Survey Report, November 2007 Minnesota was one of 40 states that participated in this study, which was conducted by the Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials. The study covered various regulatory and technical issues associated with beneficial use. It also identifies specific byproducts that are covered by state beneficial use rules. Please note that this is an older report and therefore it may contain information that has been superseded.
  • Northeast Waste Management Officials Beneficial Use Determination Database NEWMOA developed an on-line beneficial use determinations (BUD) database to help states share information and improve the efficiency of their BUD approval processes. The database contains a compilation of approved state BUDs. Minnesota is one of 27 states included in the database. This is a password-protected tool for state environmental regulators.

Other Resources

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