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The construction industry is affected by two separate regulations that impact activities associated with lead paint. These regulations include:
  • Lead-Based Paint Abatement. These regulations apply to lead abatement projects that are designed to permanently eliminate existing lead-based paint hazards from housing and child-occupied facilities. They may be ordered by state or local government in response to a lead-poisoned child or other reasons, or may be undertaken voluntarily at any time. To conduct this work, individuals and firms must be trained and certified. In Florida, the state administers the lead-based abatement program. More information on Lead-Based Paint Abatement Rule.
  • Renovation, Repair and Painting. These rules affect projects at residential buildings (owner-occupied and rental), and child-occupied facilities such as day care centers. The projects are typically performed at the option of the property owner for aesthetic or other reasons or as an interim control to minimize lead hazards. It is not designed to permanently eliminate lead-based hazards. Firms and individual renovators performing the work must be trained and certified in lead-safe RRP practices. In Florida, the US EPA administers the RRP certification program. More information on RRP rule.

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US EPA Resources for Lead Paint Abatement and RRP
Lead-Based Paint Abatement Program
Lead-Based Paint Abatement Regulations

Renovation, Repair and Painting Program
Renovation, Repair and Painting Regulations

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